Atlas ESS LFP Batteries

Your Investment in Lithium is Protected …


The most powerful LFP battery you can buy. High Current Discharge. High C Rate. Power per pound. By any measure, Atlas ESS beats the competition.


Every component in Atlas ESS batteries was chosen for long life (MTBF), high quality, high performance and availability. We use the best cells money can buy.

Industry Leading Warranty

15 year pro rated transferrable warranty. We can offer this because our batteries are renewable.


Aircraft aluminum T6061 case. Stainless steel and aluminum fasteners. Zinc plated steel carry handles. Water resistant. Stackable and rack mounted. What you always wanted. No cheap plastic cases here.


All Atlas ESS batteries are renewable. Renewable means every part can be replaced on site. At the end of their service life they can be rebuilt or recycled. If they get damaged or break they can be repaired on site. Atlas ESS is the only battery in the world that is renewable. The ultimate green battery.


Technical support on demand. Get in touch to see what we can do for you.

We Have What You Need

Solar Batteries

Universal and Stationary batteries for any size system.


LFP Universal batteries to replace those nasty flooded lead acid batteries in
small vehicles.


Dual purpose, water resistant, LFP batteries to start your motor and run your
trolling motor and power house loads.


Reliable, light weight and powerful batteries for your RV.

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