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World’s Only Repairable Battery

Atlas ESS lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) are the most powerful batteries you can buy.
Our high performance, high current, and high power batteries start where others leave off.

New batteries for the Polaris Range EV

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We Have What You Need


Looking to run your home or warehouse with solar panels? Atlas ESS has both universal and stationary systems to push out the most power the sun can supply.

Commercial Marine

If your business relies on your vessels staying at sea look to our batteries, which are high performing and repairable so you’ll never lose a day of work over a dead battery.

Recreational Marine

Needing something more lightweight, durable, and long-lasting for your boat? Our dual purpose lithium batteries will fit your every need. Start your motor and run your trolling motor with one battery.


When you go off-grid to find peace and quiet or outdoor adventure, the last thing you want is to worry about your battery. Rely on our environmentally sound and efficient batteries to keep you up and running. 

Your Investment Is Protected…

Repair Not Replace

Atlas ESS batteries are the only battery in the world that can be repaired on-site—you eliminate the time and expense of having to ship a battery back to the factory and wait for a replacement because we have parts in stock. We can also sell a parts package upfront so you are ready for whatever mother nature throws at you—fire, lightning, flood, or even lava. No other battery can be repaired on location!

Top Quality-Top Performance

But why use Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries? Allow us to get nerdy here. The batteries, like others, are rechargeable, but made with lithium iron phosphate as the cathode material providing superior thermal and chemical stability–that means it is a very safe product. The phosphate chemistry provides long cycle life and the battery itself has a high energy density and low cost of ownership. Reasonable cost, low toxicity, long-term stability, and high performance, makes this battery perfect for many applications both as a main source or back-up source of power.

And with Atlas ESS your investment is protected. Our batteries are encased in aluminum, not plastic, and feature stainless steel components making them practically indestructible and corrosion-free. Even if the case gets damaged, the battery will remain protected and we can easily replace the case.

Industry Leading Warranty

We go even further to protect your battery by offering an industry-leading 15-year warranty. Whether you want long-lasting power for solar panels in your home, or a high performing and reliable battery for your boat or RV, we stand behind our product. We can offer this because our batteries are repairable.


We have real experts providing technical support on demand. Get in touch to see what we can do for you.

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