Universal Battery Specification

Summary: Powerful, general purpose, maintenance free, rechargeable lithium iron phosphate battery for residential, commercial, vehicle and marine use. BMS with cell balancing. Modular design. Rack mount or stack batteries. Series and parallel arrangements allowed. Use with all inverters and charge controllers. Best warranty in the industry. Fully charged and ready to use 

Capacity: 5.25 kWh. 5,250 watt hours. For higher capacity use multiple batteries 

Warranty: 15 Year

Voltage: 12v, 24v, 48v. Up to 600vdc with multiple batteries connected together 

Power: 10,240 watts continuous with 2/0 AWG wire and 200A fuse (51.2v x 200a) 12,800 watts continuous with 4/0 AWG wire and 250A fuse (51.2v x 250a) 17,920 watts max with solid bus bar and 350A fuse (51.2v x 350a) 

Discharge Current: 200A and 100A continuous 

Charge Current: 100A and 60A continuous 

Wire Size: 2/0 AWG Fuse: 200A standard. Other fuses available 

Depth of Discharge (DOD): 100%. Typically set to 80% for maximum life Efficiency: 98%

Operating Temperature: 32 F to 113 F (0 C to 45 C)

Enclosure: Aluminium NEMA 1 in-doors. Floor mount. Rack mount and stackable 

Weight: 114 pounds (54 kg) and 135 pounds (61 kg) 

Dimensions: 27.25 in x 9.25 in x 12 in high 692 mm x 235 mm x 305 mm high and 24.75 in x 13.5” x 9.5 in high 629 mm x 343 mm x 241 mm high 

Battery Management System (BMS): Atlas ESS proprietary design, listed to UL 508 by a NRTL Warranty: 15 years, 10,000 cycles. Pro-rated. Transferrable. Best in industry